UNANTE "The Secrets of Karate" 2nd Edition by John Sells UNANTE "The Secrets of Karate" 2nd Updated Edition 2000 by John Sells **

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Unknown Binding: 478 pages

Publisher: W.M. Hawley; 2nd edition (2000)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0910704961

Edition: 2nd Updated Edition 2000

Size: 22 x 28 x 2.5cm


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Revised and re-edited second edition - approx. 1/3rd larger!
A comprehensive history of karate: its origins and changes over time from China to Okinawa to Japan and on to the Western World. Includes the most extensive lineage charts ever published, inter-relationships of the many styles and "Old Masters", their roots and methods. A very valuable resource for anyone interested in Karate, Ryukyu Kobudo of other Okinawan martial arts.

This 2nd Edition, chronicles this evolving story and includes many additions, up-grades and corrections to the 1st edition. As such it paints the most complete picture yet presented of the legacy and practice of this extraordinary art we call karate.

28 pages of Genealogies; Chronology; Terminology. Over 160 Photos and Illustrations.

Chapter 1 The Early Period: An Age of Legends
Chapter 2 The Middle Period: The Founding Fathers
Chapter 3 The Inter-War Period: Okinawan Pioneers in Japan and Redefining an Art on Okinawa
Chapter 4 Modern Karate: A New Generation and a New Sport
Chapter 5 History and Development of Kata the Quintessential Element
Chapter 6 The Karate-Do Mokuroku no Kata: A Kata Catalogue
Chapter 7 Okinawan Weaponry Kobu-jutsu: Art Within an Art
Chapter 8 Philosophy and Fighting, Ethical Framework and Fighting Strategy

Appendix (Karatedo Chronology, Glossary of Terms, Insignias, Bibliography, Table of Figures)
Index (for more detailed index of the book please click here)

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